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Writing and singing are my two first loves. I am lucky to be doing both. I am a journalist and fiction writer and I'm the first white woman to sign to a Nigerian music label. I'm born blind and I'm also using this blog to educate the world about blindness.

Take Charge of your hair

This is the first post in my small Take Charge series. Everyone wants to have and have opinions on how a lady should look. All you need to do is flick open magazines to be met with stick thin models … Continue reading

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Workout time!

Exercise is healthy and important for everybody, both for overall health and for more specific reasons. Nothing new. For blind and visually impaired people exercise is important because it can strengthen spacial awareness, movement coordination and because it also gives … Continue reading

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New York Fever

Yup, I’ve got the new York fever now. It’s not long till I head for the big apple and the Nigerian Entertainment awards (NEA) show. The first week of September to be exact. I’m travelling all alone from Europe, but … Continue reading

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Be careful with the criticism

Following on from my previous post about having to look good as a professional singer, I am going to talk about looking good in photos, videos and TV appearances. When you can’t see, that is the most challenging. Especially photos, … Continue reading

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Trust yourself

When you’re a professional singer, you find that you’ve managed to land a couple of other bi-jobs as well. The two most important jobs I have when I’m out there representing is talk good and look good. Talking has never … Continue reading

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7 awesome perks to being blind or visually impaired

I think it was the first time I traveled to London on my own. The assistance guy who met me at Heathrow to take me from the plane to the people I was going to meet was going on about … Continue reading

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Why I would never do what Rachel Dolezal did

A few days ago, I did the pencil test, just because I didn’t have anything else to do. And ok, I was a little curious to know what the result would be. In case you don’t know what the pencil … Continue reading

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